About Cuatro Dias Winery

Cuatro Dias wines are produced and diligently cared for by the hands of owner and winemaker Greg Allen. Greg launched his winemaking career from his garage in sunny Torrance, California. Greg honed his winemaking skills on his time off from his day job in the field of fire and emergency technology. Courses in Enology at U.C. Davis, hands on harvest work at the historic San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles and at Zoller Wine Styling in Paso Robles inspired and encouraged Greg to take his home winemaking to the next level. In 2001, Greg stepped out of his garage and moved his wine making gear to Paso Robles, California, a wine region he was well acquainted with.

Greg credits wine consultant Signe Zoller, and winemaker Ed Dutton of Riverstar Vineyards, with helping him achieve his winemaking dream. Greg remains committed to furthering his wine education to stay on top of ever changing cutting edge trends and winemaking practices.

Although Greg particularly enjoys Rhone varietals and red blends, he puts together a diverse and different portfolio of wine every harvest, directed by the availability of the best fruit he can source. He has worked with a wide variety of different varietals and distinctive wine blends, enjoying the unique challenges and nuances that each harvest brings.


Greg is frequently asked what the name “Cuatro Dias” means. The name refers to Greg’s work schedule. Greg continues to work his firefighter/paramedic day job most of the year, saving vacation and time off for the fall grape harvest months, and ongoing travel to Paso Robles to work with his wines. His firefighter schedule is three 24-hour shifts, then four days off. When having to ask his fire chief for permission to have side work, his chief replied “I don’t care what you do, as long as you do it on your four days”, thus the name Cuatro Dias (Four Days).